Caroline Hobbs


01223 315400
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Tuesday 3 pm – 7 pm



Acupuncture Cambridge

Caroline has an extensive career background as an accident & emergency nurse, pain relief nurse specialist and nurse teacher. Her interest in complementary therapies developed when injury from a car accident meant she had to give up nursing. Caroline trained in massage and holistic aromatherapy and then Japanese Reiki healing to master /teacher level. She has worked with Cancer suffers on a voluntary basis for 8 years, offering Reiki and teaching relaxation, meditation & visualization techniques.

Caroline has a BSc (Hons) degree in acupuncture from the London College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has studied Tuina (Chinese therapeutic massage ) with specialist Chinese doctors at the Asante Academy of Chinese Medicine (affiliated with Middlesex University).

Having trained in several therapies that have a body/mind and subtle-energy approach to healing, Caroline has found that acupuncture, Tuina, aromatherapy and Reiki can be used both separately and combined for enhanced effect to benefit each individual.

Caroine has a very gentle and supportive approach as a therapist and her professional background and personal experience of health difficulties makes her equally at home helping with anything from a simple injury or common cold to a life-threatening illness or personal crisis .

The oriental, holistic approach to health care is very compatible with and complementary to western medicine. Caroline has a good grounding in western medical sciences and will be happy to work in partnership with your doctor or specialist.

1st appointment £60
follow up appointment £50
6 sessions for the price of 5
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