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Monday – Friday 9am – 8pm
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Psychotherapist Cambridge.

Contact and location:
Christine works at Cambridge Therapy Centre, which is located at St John’s Innovation Centre, Cowley Road, Cambridge, CB4 0WS. There is ample free on site car parking, as well as good disabled access.

Who seeks therapy?
People use counselling and psychotherapy for many reasons. Some clients seek counselling as a treatment for clinical conditions, such as acute depression, addiction, phobias, or eating disorders, whilst others use counselling as a means to cope with life’s challenges, like bereavement, work stress, separation or emotional trauma. Yet others seek counselling as a way of improving their lives and gaining greater stability and emotional well being.

What therapies and services are available?
Christine offers a wide variety of options for individuals, couples, families and employers, including:
* Clinical Psychology
* Counselling & Psychotherapy
* Hypnotherapy
* Life Coaching
* Online & Telephone Counselling
* Supervision & Case Management
* Training & Corporate Services

What can I expect from therapy?
Sessions and the course of therapy overall will always be tailored to the individual client’s needs, and the content of therapy sessions may therefore vary greatly from client to client. You might want to regard the sessions as your own time and space that can be used either to alleviate an immediate crisis or to resolve ongoing underlying issues. Either way, you do not need to arrive at your sessions with a specific agenda of what you would like to cover.
Christine has a special interest in dream analysis and art therapy and likes to use these media where they are seen to be of benefit to the client. Whether we incorporate creative materials into your therapy or not is completely up to you. Some clients go through their entire therapy without ever picking up a pen or notepad whilst others like to draw or use creative materials to help them express their thoughts and feelings.

Funding Options: 
“Christine works with self-funding as well as EAP and insurance clients. If you have health insurance, please contact your insurance provider in the first place, in order to obtain a pre-authorisation number. Once you have been given a pre-authorisation number, please forward this on to us, together with your full name, date of birth, current address, and policy number. We can usually offer a first appointment within a week.”

What kind of issues can I talk to you about?
There really isn’t an exclusive list of issues you can bring to therapy, but some of the things that we address in your sessions may include:

*   Abuse
*   Addiction
*   Adoption
*   Anger Management
*   Anxiety
*   Bereavement
*   Body Image
*   Bullying
*   CBT
*   Debt
*   EMDR

*   Depression
*   Dream Analysis
*   Eating Disorders
*   Family Issues
*   Gender Identity
*   Hypnotherapy & Self Hypnosis
*   Illness
*   Insomnia
*   Parenthood
*   Panic Disorders

*   Phobias
*   Post Natal Depression
*   Recurring Nightmares
*   Relationship and Marriage Counselling
*   Self Development
*   Stress
*   Systemic Family Therapy
*   Traumatic Experiences
*   University Life and Exams
*   Workplace Issues

The list really is quite endless and even though your issues might well fall into one of the above categories, you are unique and will have developed your own views on things governed by your own individual experiences.

How long will it take?
The length of therapy depends completely on the individual client. Sometimes clients like to start therapy with a fixed number of sessions in mind, sometimes they choose to keep the ending open. In either case, ongoing therapy should always include regular review sessions where both client and therapist can determine the length of any future therapy together.

About the therapist:
Christine is a registered Clinical Psychologist, who has been in practice since 2003.  In 2005 Christine further qualified as an integrated counsellor and psychotherapist. The main theoretical backgrounds of her training were psychodynamic and person-centred. She has since gained additional professional qualifications in working with other theoretical backgrounds, too, for example in Life Coaching, Gestalt Methods and CBT, allowing her to work in a truly integrative way and to provide the best form of therapy for each individual client. In January 2011 Christine gained further qualifications in online counselling, which is a mandatory requirement for counsellors wishing to provide therapy over the internet.

Christine has worked in general practice as well as in non-residential alcohol and drug rehabilitation clinics, both privately and within the NHS. Through this, she has gained vast experience of working with both long term and brief therapy, focusing on resolutions and progress during times where clients may feel particularly stuck.

Christine is also a qualified supervisor, providing supervision for other counsellors, therapists and those in the caring and related professions. You can find more information about her supervision offer here:
Christine is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), the United Kingdom Register of Counsellors /Psychotherapist (UKRCP) and accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), which means that she works in accordance with the BACP’s ethical framework. In addition to this, Christine’s online work is carried out in accordance with the BACP’s Guidelines for Online Counselling and Psychotherapy, as well as the Code of Ethics drawn up by the Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy Online (ACTO).

What next?
To make an appointment, please phone 01223 654 678, or email [email protected]


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