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Wednesday 8 am – 1 pm

Hilary Seaward

Osteodouce Energy Therapist

Hilary trained, somewhat late in life, as Bowen therapists; 15 years earlier Bowen had greatly
helped my painful sinuses and then finding myself threatened with a life of statins and blood
pressure pills she thought she’d find out how this gentle manipulation worked to help the body
heal itself. She continued to learn from skilled interpreters of Tom Bowen’s work as well as
broadening the range with TMJ therapy and scar tissue release training but she was aware that
it wasn’t always clear to me quite where the therapy moves should be applied for best effect.
As Ida Rolf said “Where the pain is, it ain’t”
During lock down when all manual therapies had to stop she studied reiki in order to understand
how hands off energetic methods “work”. By chance she came across a reference to
Osteodouce, a technique devised by Jackie Roux, a French Osteopath, who realised he
could obtain as good if not better results not touching his clients. She quickly understood what
this meant as she studied over zoom with a teacher living in Bali. The more she practiced it – and
it meant she was able to carry on working with clients while we isolated – the more she realised
what a perfect technique it is: no more uncertainty about where to work as the body wisely
makes it very obvious where the blockages are and when they have been resolved.
Her therapy sessions are all different as each depends on what the client presents with on
the day. If appropriate she may use some Bowen moves or scar tissue release but mostly she
observe through Osteodouce.
Treatments last up to an hour and can be done seated or lying on the couch. The cost is
£55 per session

I’ve been receiving osteodouce treatments from Hilary for a variety of skeletal and muscular
problems. I always leave the session feeling looser, energised and free of pain. Hilary has
an uncanny ability to identify the root of the problem, and fix it. It’s an interactive process,
where Hilary involves you in finding a path to healing.

Hilary has treated me for so many aches and pains over the past few years, including a
severe knee injury, spinal and hip issues and neck pain. I leave every session feeling
refreshed, reinvigorated, and restored. I also know that I will always get a good night’s sleep
following her treatments.

Hilary is amazing. After a session with her your body feels put back together as it should
be… And both different and lighter, in a very good way. A perennial problem with a painful
knee has been massively helped, and she worked wonders on an injury to a bone in my foot.
Not sure how she does it, but it’s fantastic.


Whatever it is, Hilary’s work is profound, transformational and beautifully delicate.


Very relaxing and calm.  Non invasive but you feel sensations such as mild pressure,
tingling, heat and ripples in areas being worked on.  I could feel areas being released.

 1 hour session £55
Follow up appointment £55

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