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Tuesday 3 pm – 7 pm From September.
Saturday 9 am – 1 pm

Narrative Therapist and Counsellor

I am a Narrative Therapist and Counsellor, registered with the BACP. I work with adults in a collaborative way focusing on personal strengths, values and abilities to find solutions and identify personal preferences to overcome problems and help get life back on track.

What I do.

In my work, I help people to find new ways of standing up to the problems that they bring to counselling to discuss. Problems often have a way of getting us stuck in life and can prevent us from seeing a way forward, narrowing down our options and making us forget our unique strengths, values and abilities. Problems can dominate us and stop us from living the life we would prefer to live.

I work with people in a collaborative way to help them identify clearly how the problems that they have brought to discuss have impacted on their lives, with a clear focus on the problem being the problem and not the person being the problem. I work with people towards a goal of finding what is possible and how things could be, what change can be considered and what a new way forward might look like, rather than staying stuck in the problem and what is wrong. I aim to provide useful conversations for people founded upon hope, possibility and a deep respect of who they are and what they hold dear in life.

How does it work?

I enjoy working with people to provide conversations where hope, possibility, values and strengths are explored to provide an uplifting and inspiring way forwards. In exploring often lost or forgotten skills and abilities, a place where the power of the problem diminishes can often be found and an opportunity to regain an enthusiasm for life created. Working in a narrative way reveals the stories we use to explain our life experience, and in the process, can provide an opportunity to reconsider other stories about ourselves that may have been neglected. Sometimes they are stories that have not been told for a long time or have been held safe by other people. Narrative counselling or therapy involves unearthing these stories, understanding them and re-telling them to help get life back on track.

Sobriety coaching and addiction counselling.

I also offer sobriety coaching and counselling for people living with addictive behaviours. Having worked for over five years in residential and community drug and alcohol treatment, I have successfully helped people to make positive change to their problematic relationships with alcohol and other drugs. Whether it be through motivational coaching and support or counselling. Change is possible.

Who do I work with?

I work with men and women over the age of 18.

Some of the common problems people have brought to counselling with me:

  • Relationship difficulties and challenges.

  • Anxiety, stress and depression.

  • Loss and bereavement.

  • Addictive behaviours; substances, gambling, sexual, internet and social media.

  • Substance misuse problems.

  • Anger management.

  • Issues of self fulfilment and personal development.

  • Searching for help with issues relating to sexuality or gender identity.

  • Trauma, abuse and sexual abuse (men and women).

  • Cultural identity issues.

  • Workplace problems.

There are many reasons why someone may be looking for counselling and support and this is not an exhaustive list or the only way to name the problems listed. In working collaboratively with you the problem is yours to identify and name and does not have to fit under any of these headings if it is not helpful.

As as collaborative practitioner I invite my clients to evaluate how I work. Valuing your experience, reflections and feedback on the sessions enables me to be constantly improving how I work with you and the other people that I meet with.


I was born and raised in the UK and in 2005 emigrated to New Zealand where I lived until 2017. In New Zealand I trained as a Narrative Therapist, completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling with UNITEC in 2011. I have been involved with counselling for over ten years and have considerable experience of working with people struggling with substance misuse and addictive behaviours. I worked in residential drug and alcohol treatment in New Zealand and currently work for a community based NHS service in Cambridge helping people improve their well-being and start to address their substance misuse issues. I also have experience of working with young people in the community and education, and adults undertaking tertiary study.

I am an experienced and qualified professional counsellor. In New Zealand I was a full member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors (NZAC) and following my arrival in the UK in 2017, I became a registered member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP). I am currently in the process of becoming a BACP accredited practitioner. I have a current DBS certificate.

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