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Lavinia Brown

Lavinia is a BYCA-qualified life coach, speaker and workshop holder who supports women – and in particular mamas – to reach for more: to create a life that is meaningful and fun, both in and outside the home. She empowers women to find the confidence and courage to be who they really want to be, rather than who society or others have told them they ‘should’ be.

Lavinia loves to explore women’s needs, dreams and desires, and to help them overcome whatever is holding them back from expressing these. She believes that we all have the right to feel happy, fulfilled, calm and free!

(Lavinia is an affiliate member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council whose code of ethics she subscribes to.)


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Who seeks life coaching?

Has parenting put your life on hold? Do you feel anxious, exhausted, short on time and lacking in motivation? Are you feeling like you have forgotten who you are underneath the mountain of chores, to-do lists and multitasking that juggling life, a relationship, work and parenting demand?

Lavinia can help you to reconnect with yourself and reprioritise your life so that your energy is spent on tasks that bring fulfilment and meaning. She supports mamas to regain the confidence and courage to be the very best version of themselves and to find happiness and freedom both in and outside the home.

How can life coaching help?

Lavinia can help with all sorts of issues with Life Coaching. Such as but not limited to:

Anxiety, overwhelm or stress

Low self-esteem

Lack of confidence

Dealing with uncomfortable emotions such as anger, frustration, regret or grief

Family dynamics

Performance issues

Social anxiety

Lack of motivation


Impatience / Intolerance / Judgement

Strong inner critic / Self sabotage

Negative body image

She can provide the tools to support you with:

Calm and effective parenting

Work / Life / Parenting balance

Finding a meaningful and fulfilling career or hobby

Following your intuition

Deepening your Spirituality

Effective and confident communication

Harnessing your feminine energy cycle

Body confidence



Time management


What can I expect from Life Coaching?

Before your first session, Lavinia will ask you to complete a pre-coaching questionnaire designed to help you define the areas in which you would like to set some goals. You can check it out here.

Goals can be set in any area of your life: health, confidence, parenting, spirituality, self-worth, fitness, abundance, spontaneity, happiness, career, creativity – there are as many goal areas out there as you have dreams and desires!

Your first session provides a chance for you to explore some of the themes that came up in this questionnaire and to talk about what life coaching entails. It’s also an opportunity for you to decide whether you would like to book 6 sessions over 3 months or 12 sessions over 6 months.

A coaching series allows Lavinia to really understand where you are at right now, and to work with you to find goals that inspire, challenge and motivate you. It is designed to enable you to transform your life in a permanent way by allowing you the space and time to build a powerful connection with Lavinia, to go deep in order to find out what is holding you back, and to start practising alternative patterns of thought and behaviour (habits break habits).


Lavinia offers a complimentary first ‘discovery’ session which takes place either on skype or over the phone. This is a time to explore with clients the themes that came up in their pre-coaching questionnaires  (see here) and to discuss potential goal-setting areas.  Clients can then decide whether they would like to book a coaching series of either 6 sessions over 3 months or 12 sessions over 6 months. (For full coaching series fees and more information, click here)