Nosa Eboreime


01223 315400
[email protected]

9am – 6 pm


9am – 1pm

Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Cambridge

Nosa has experience working with challenging mental health issues across primary and secondary care, with particular experience treating Anxiety disorders, depression, OCD, BDD and related disorders, social anxiety, PTSD and Health anxiety. Using CBT principles such as cognitive restructuring, Exposure and response prevention (ERP), mindfulness-based exercises, tolerance of uncertainty, behavioural experiment, compassion focused therapy, Rescripting, acceptance and commitment. Distress tolerance, emotional regulation, Interpersonal effectiveness, Psycho-education etc.

His approach is human-centeredness, blending science with theory. This takes into account core principles such as: mental health, physical health, emotional regulation, spirituality, anxiety, depression, family, human behaviour and Cognitive, gender, sexuality, trauma, generation trauma, addiction, and relationships. Nosa believes in a good therapeutic alliance and creating a safe therapist space for change and sharing to occur.
50 min session £60
Group therapy 1 1/2 hour session
 up to 6 people £150
6-12 people £200
  • CBT Cognitive Behavioural TherapyCBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
    tends to be a lot more directive with sessions focusing on very practical issues. A CBT therapist may give you specific exercises and ‘homework’ to do in between sessions, and you won’t generally have as much of an opportunity to explore your feelings and any underlying issues that may have triggered your crisis.
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  • PsychotherapyPsychotherapy
    promotes self awareness to give you a better understanding of why you think and behave the way you do and, more importantly, how you can change it.
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