Customised Nutrition

looks at your metabolic type in order to increase energy and mental clarity, relieve cravings & hunger between meals, provide improved digestion & immunity, excellence in athletics, a decrease in fatigue, anxiety & even depression. Ideal weight can be achieved without a struggle and you can prevent and reverse many degenerative conditions.

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is the name given to a group of unpleasant symptoms experienced after eating. Complementary health care looks at your relationship with food, diet, possible food sensitivities, how you feel about nourishing yourself and what else in your life you find 'difficult to stomach'.



are a common disorder associated with stress and anxiety and can range from mild to severe. Primary causes include stress and tension, fear, anxiety, lack of self-esteem, allergies, muscle spasms, postural problems and injury to the head or neck.



is a lightheadedness or a sensation that you are about to faint. Dizziness can arise from various medical conditions including ear conditions, brain conditions, cardiovascular disease, anemia or hypoglycaemia.