tai-chi-qigong-qi-gong-chi-kung-classes-cambridge-the-therapy-roomQigong (Chi Kung) is an umbrella term for a wide range of practices – physical exercises, breathing, meditation – that cultivate our ‘chi’, our energy. We work with principles of relaxing, grounding, alignment, centring and co-ordinating movement with breathing. The Qigong tradition goes back over 2,000 years.
Qigong can improve our health and wellbeing on all sorts of levels! Practice not only improves our physical health, including posture, balance, breathing and circulation, but helps to calm the mind and relieve stress. Qigong encourages us to work gently and naturally, and so can be practised by people of a wide range of age and ability.
Qi Gong @ The Therapy Room Cambridge

Come and join us for a new hour-long Qi Gong class in Cambridge. We practice relaxed , flowing Qi Gong movements, postural awareness, groundedness, deep, natural breathing and mindfulness in order to cultivate a sense of relaxation, health and wellbeing.

All levels of experience are welcome.
£8 per session.
​6.10-7.10 pm Thursday evenings

​Come along for a free taster session

Get in touch with Samantha to book 07543043891  [email protected] gmail.com

Samantha Collette Peterson has been practicing Qi Gong and Tai Chi Chuan for over a decade and continues to develop her skills by attending private lessons and seminars.Her Tai Chi Chuan traning informs her approach to QI Gong, including a strong emphasis on connecting to the ground and postural awareness.She has a background in teaching Qi Gong to groups of people who have learning disabilities and has now branched out in to mainstream teaching. Her classes have an emphasis on health and relaxation and Samantha encourages students to work at their own pace.Samantha is a member of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain.

“I have gained a lot from my practice and I am passionate about sharing these amazing benefits with others” ~ Samantha