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Tuesday: 8 – 7pm
Thursday: 9 – 5pm

Kirste Ashford

Kirste is a qualified hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner registered with the
GHR & GHSC. She uses a mixture of Hypnotherapy and NLP along with
deep relaxation techniques, Mindfulness and EFT to help lower your anxiety
to a more comfortable and manageable level while at the same time teaching
you how to build your self confidence and self acceptance for a happier more
fulfilling life.
So if you are having a crisis of confidence or maybe you need to deal with
rising anxiety levels which are interfering with your daily life, Kirste will find
the right tools and techniques to help you out of the rut and back on the right
Using a Person Centred Approach she believes that we all have exactly what
we need to succeed and get over any obstacles in our path we just need the
right guidance to find our own solution.
She is an empathetic, non judgmental person with an enthusiasm for the
human mind and finding solutions to difficult problems. She is passionate
about helping people get through any issues they maybe dealing with and
show them how they can build their self confidence and fulfil their potential
through creating a winning mentality.
A solution focused, forward thinking therapy which doesn’t dwell on going
through all our past traumas instead makes us focus on what we want and
how is the best way for us to get what we desire.

First initial session is £65

Session £65