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by Dalia on Sep 12 2019 09:56

Damien was an extremely supportive and patient help to me when I needed further investigation for hormonal imbalances and gastric upset. He was methodical and thoughtful in his approach and ensured he personalised his treatment and assessments. I would happily return to Damien as and when needed for a functional medicine approach to chronic health challenges. Thank you Damien.

by Nici s on Sep 6 2019 19:08

I have worked with Damien over the last 5 years on and off, All the knowledge that Damien has drawn upon to help me in the quest to be a healthier and happier person has been invaluable. He is always there and willing to help I have had great success in achieving a better understanding of myself and what my mind and body needs and I rate him very highly for his professionalism and ability to see things through to a positive conclusion. Nici s

by Nat on Sep 6 2019 15:13

Damien, who was introduced to me by Angela, has really helped me to understand the pieces of what has been a hugely troubling health puzzle for me really since my teenage years! Damien's kindness and commitment and the way he realizes and appreciates the importance of working together as a team with his clients health have helped me make more progress in the time that I have been working with him (about 8 months) than in 20 years previously! Damien understands the complexeties of when people become so hyper sensitive they are unable to recieve treatment and how this is related toxicity from environmental reasons and many others. It is a huge relief to me to have his support and guidance and I can't recommend him enough as he an Angela have truly helped me turn my health and my relationship with myself around and changed my life!

by Rosa on Mar 6 2019 11:16

I have had insomnia for 10 Years. I had been a ton of times to the doctor, I was referred to a sleep unit where they couldn’t pinpoint why I was not able to sleep nor give me a long term solution. Along the years I had tried CBT, mindfulness, hypnotherapy and many other possible remedies but my nights were always long and sleepless. Maja Asell checked me and adviced me to stop eating gluten and give me some supplements. After three weeks I was sleeping through the night! And I still am! To top things off I was suffering with pain on my knee for three years and that has disappeared too, I can even do exercise and not feel my knee at all. I must admit I was sceptical, but the evidence is clear, kinesiology works! Maja has been a lifesaver. I feel so much better than two months ago it’s amazing!

by Francesca on Feb 12 2019 08:01

The Kinesiology sessions with Maja Asell have been such an important part of my healing journey. They have actually been life changing and greatly helped me with various issues including chronic pain. Highly recommended! Maja is really knowledgeable and professional, and always approaches the sessions with kindness and a good sense of humour! Thanks so much!

by Tom Powell on Aug 15 2018 20:16

I’ve seen Teddy Brookes (Osteopath) twice for chronic tension problems, the relief I feel from the treatment is nothing short of unbelievable to be honest. It’s the only thing that really helps with my tension, pain and discomfort. Highly recommend!

by Tracey; Bedford on Apr 11 2016 10:12

The two day seminar on Psychoneuroimmunology was a fully immersive experience. Jure taught us how the 'mind body' connection plays out in people's lives. He showed us how we hold emotional blocks in our bodies that manifest as physically symptoms and illness, he then helped people to release these blockages through demonstrations of his therapeutic approach. I cannot recommend the seminar weekend more highly. Jure made us laugh, he made us cry and he challenged us, but we all left the course feeling lighter, more connected and knowing that we had truly experienced something very powerful indeed.

by Ben; London on Apr 11 2016 10:09

I spent the weekend spellbound, captivated by Jure's maverick style and deep instincts for the needs of individuals. The Mind Body Seminar was part workshop, part physical theatre, and the rest a group therapy session. Amazing!

by Emma Moat on Nov 24 2014 18:45

Gareth has really sorted me so grateful! - Emma Moat

by Claire on Aug 30 2014 09:04

“Hi Maja, I’m feeling SO much better already and it only took about 4 days of taking the Magnesium to start seeing a difference! I’ve lost 9 pounds, and have eaten more carbs and treated myself more than I have in the last year (all gluten free of course!) I am sleeping tonnes better, better than I have in years and feeling lethargic has practically disappeared! I also think the flax seed worked great for my skin and I have barely had any ovary pain in the last month, which again I haven’t been pain free for this long in the last two years! I can’t thank you enough, and will hopefully see you soon!” Claire
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