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Steven Aronson

Chiropractic Cambridge

Steven Aronson has more than five degrees and diplomas including a master’s degree in clinical psychology and is a McTimoney Chiropractic. During his work as a psychotherapist, many people, who were in pain, were referred to him by other clinicians. Often x-rays, scans, tests etc. could not identify a physiological reason for this and so it was assumed that there were emotional causes for their problem. Sometimes this did prove to be the case but equally often, although emotional factors were associated with the pain, they could not be found to be the actual cause.

In 1997 a friend of his had severe back pain and could hardly move. He was asked to give him a lift to his local McTimoney Chiropractor. She invited Steven to sit in on the treatment and explained to his friend that due to many causes including posture and minute misalignments of the bones can put pressure on nerves causing pain and muscular spasm. She then did some quick light adjustments and at the end of the session Steven’s friend got up off the bench totally free of pain.

Steven was amazed and decided to enrol on the chiropractic course. It was a proud moment when the actor Jeremy Irons handed him his certificate at his graduation ceremony in 2002. Jeremy explained that if it were not for McTimoney chiropractic, he would not be able to function normally.

He now practices at the Therapy Room, Cambridge, and The Old Forge near Saffron Walden.

1st appointment 1hr session £100
follow up appointment 1/2 hr session £60

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