Colour Mirrors

Colour mirrors is a wonderful tool to heal anything that is going on in your body, mind or heart; it’s a fun way to find out what’s going on behind the scenes;

The beautiful bottles in the colour mirrors system perfectly mirror what’s going on subconsciously and consciously in any situation; this allows you to receive the insights you need to heal;

The colourful bottles also work with your body and energy bodies to heal and clear the blocks to health, happiness and abundance; colour is a powerful tool that your body will recognise instantly because your body is made up of colour too;

Every bottle has a specific meaning and gives insights into what is going on; they also offer the solution to the problem and the pathway back to love;

The colour mirrors system was brought in by a woman called melissie jolly, in south africa, in 2001; it is an ever expanding system with new bottles being brought in to reflect the changes on earth;

Therapists who provide Colour Mirrors at The Therapy Room Cambridge

  • Sarah JosephineSarah Josephine
    is experienced at working with colour mirrors, reiki and EFT to assist anyone who needs help in any kind of situation.
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