Osteodouce – energy therapy

Jackie Roux, a French Osteopath, discovered  a movement in all living things which he
called the Movement of Life,  a flowing figure of eight like the infinity symbol which he could
detect in a  client when the body was in balance.  He began to realise that he could detect
this movement more easily and with better results when not touching the client but standing
at a distance.  This technique he called Osteodouce, gentle Osteopathy or Osteo-light.
Osteodouce therapists act as an observer, able to scan the client to find where the energy is
stuck or not flowing freely, rather than imposing any treatment on the client.  This attention
and intention allows the body to set in motion the process to heal  itself, apparent when the
flowing Movement of Life returns.
The technique can be applied to any structure – bone, muscle, tendons, fascia, organs –
and at any level from surface to cellular or emotional. Because it works on an energetic
level that connects all living things, no part of the body is inaccessible.
No two osteodouce sessions will be the same. There is no set protocol, no standard
method. It depends entirely on what is out of balance for the client on the day.
The treatment can be done lying down or seated. While not everyone is aware of sensations
most experience a deep state of relaxation which helps the body start its healing.

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