reiki-treatments-cambridge-the-therapy-room-complementary-healthReiki Therapy

Pronounced ‘rey-key’ this Japanese word literally means universal life energy. It is a gentle yet powerful form of hands-on healing. Therapists are attuned to this energy to enable them to act as channels to help rebalance and replenish energy within you. Treatment is carried out while you lie fully clothed on a couch, the practitioner will traditionally use 12 basic positions either on or over your body.

Reiki aims to promote health, maintain well-being and help people to achieve higher levels of consciousness. You may feel either relaxed or energised as a result of treatment. Reiki is especially useful for pain of unknown origin, there are no known negative side effects and it can prove a beneficial treatment for anyone feeling overwhelmed, stuck, stressed or frustrated.

Caroline Hobbs


Christina Perritt


Therapists who provide Reiki at The Therapy Room Cambridge