Ear Acupuncture Therapy Cambridge

Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture is the art of inserting fine needles into the acupuncture points on
the outer ear, corresponding to different areas of the body. This treatment procedure
promotes rebalance and aids the body’s natural healing mechanism.
Auricular therapy is very easy to administer as the patient does not need to remove any
item of clothing and it only takes a few minutes to insert the needles into the acupuncture
points. It can be administered to all age groups and for a wide variety of medical
conditions such as and not exclusive:
• Hay fever
• Migraines
• Anxiety, stress, depression
• Insomnia
• ADHD in children and adults
• Substance misuse and addiction problems for the purpose of detoxification and
• Arthritis
• Sinusitis
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other digestive disorders
Treatment is effective when it is administered regularly once or twice a week or daily for 5
days a week for 21 days days cycle according to the requirements of the condition treated.
This will be established by the Acupuncture practitioner at the time of your first visit.

The treatments will be delivered and set as a Community Acupuncture clinic where the
patients will be treated in groups of 10-15 patients at a time, each one of the patients being
supervised by the Clinician themselves. The patients will be seated in comfortable chairs
whilst receiving the treatment and listening to relaxing music for 30-40 min. The
Acupuncture practitioner will remove the needles at the end of the treatment. The patients
will feel calmer with a general sense of well-being.
The Community Acupuncture clinic is set out to be a low cost version of Acupuncture
treatment whilst retaining all the benefits of the one to one, classical session of
Acupuncture. The price is £30 for a session and it can be even cheaper depending on the
individual circumstances. The treatment which needs to be delivered 5 days a week for 21
days costs £500 as a package, saving you £130 if you choose to pay all upfront. The
patient can still pay the treatment each session individually.
More information is available at [email protected] or by calling Luminita Ferreira
07537 973383.

Acupuncture is generally very safe with few contraindications. In fact, many people find the treatment relaxing and may even doze during the short time that the needles are in place.

Therapists who provide Ear Acupuncture at The Therapy Room

  • Christine KimChristine Kim
    is an experienced and skilful acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist with considerable experience in treating a wide range of disorders.
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