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Massage Therapy  Cambridge

I’m Idilia Barreto and I’m a Massage Therapist and Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner.

Massage Therapy

I’ve been a masseuse since 2012, specializing in Swedish and deep tissue massage, and often work with osteopaths, physiotherapists and chiropractors to complement their own treatments. I have always believed in the healing power of touch and have seen so many times how, with experience and knowledge, a gifted and compassionate practitioner can make a life-changing difference to their client’s well-being.

I have developed my unique style of practising over the past decade and I find no greater joy than in discovering the unique way to healing every individual client. By individually tailoring my treatment for each person – I do not have a rote set of “moves” or routine – I’ve discovered that, when done intuitively and singularly, massage becomes not a pampering treatment but a beautifully effective way of transforming a person’s physical and mental health.

I wanted to find a professional, approachable and skilled masseuse to help deal with a complex problem that many others had not understood or been able to help with. Quickly, I found Idilia understood my issues and knew the pain I felt and located the problem areas, as if by magic! Idilia offers much more than healing hands, she offers a kind, warming relationship so you feel that she is 100% dedicated to healing you, both physically and mentally. I highly recommend her services, her unique way of dealing with “pain” and being honest with her clients is second-to-none. 

James S.

Craniosacral Therapy

After two years studying at the London College of Craniosacral therapy ( CCST ) I qualified as a craniosacral therapist. My training involved an integrative approach to craniosacral therapy, biodynamic, biomechanical and fascial unwinding, although the biodynamic approach was the fundamental technique. During my training I treated patients (from a year old to eighty years old) in a London clinic and found those treatments so powerful – changes so intense from movements so seemingly subtle – that I knew I had to start integrating CST into my own practice. As a CST therapist I feel my role is to assist you in your healing journey with a non-judgemental ear and an open heart, which I believe to be the essential foundation of any physical therapeutic treatment.

On a personal level, CST has absolutely changed my life. It has been incredibly healing for me on many levels and, as a result, I’m now equipped to offer a much deeper level of healing for my clients. CST works on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level to address deep-seated blocks, shocks and traumas whether from birth, childhood, or the inevitable strains and pressures of daily life. CST is very tender, non-invasive but extremely effectively healing practice and I’ve witnessed how it gently but profoundly changes many clients’ lives.

I visited Idilia for a CST treatment because I was experiencing debilitating migraines. I hoped she could help to clear my head, but was astonished (& delighted!) to discover that CST affected not only my head but my whole body. It took only a few sessions before my migraines had gone, but I still have sessions with Idilia whenever I can because her method of CST has such a restorative effect on my whole body and always elevates my mood (for days afterwards) too. I cannot recommend her more highly!

Menna V.

Fees: Adults

Initial Consultation + treatment 1hr £60.00

Massage/ Cranio 1 hour £65
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