mctimoney-chiropractic-chiropractor-treatment-cambridge-the-therapy-room-complementary-healthMcTimoney Chiropractic Therapy

A safe, gentle technique for treating pain anywhere in the body.  Many people fear chiropractors because they don’t understand what it’s all about and they associate it with cracking necks and backs. The word chiropractic comes from the Greek and means (treatment) done by hand. John McTimoney was a British chiropractor, who adapted techniques brought over from America into a very gentle approach for adjusting the body. This approach should relieve your pain and give you long term improvements in both posture and overall health. It has the following advantages:

  • Gentle and safe – It is more comfortable for you and pain free. In fact, some people have said I hardly felt you do anything, but my pain has gone immediately after treatment
  • No painful clicks or cracks  A more pleasant experience for you, with no sudden movements to surprise or frighten you
  • Whole body technique  The cause of your pain may be some way from where you actually feel it. Your McTimoney Chiropractor will find the root cause and probably solve more than just the pain you’re feeling today! It will improve your posture and leave you feeling good all over. It can also help you to avoid future problems by fixing underlying issues that you haven’t yet noticed.

If you suffer with pain in the back, shoulders, neck or general pain, discomfort or stiffness in the joints then you should consider this treatment. It is suitable for almost everyone including babies, children, pregnant women (except in the first trimester), the elderly, and adults of all ages. Only a few conditions are contra-indicated and you will be advised on these by your chiropractor.

Therapists who provide McTimoney Chiropractic at The Therapy Room Cambridge