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Remote appointments are available outside these hours.

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Integrated Health Practitioner

Damien considers all levels of the body when investigating health issues, including the physical, energetic, and mental, with each level affecting the other, he believes it is often necessary to work on more than one level. To this end, he has found that he has greatly improved his client’s results with the aid of  Autonomic Response Testing ART, which he now recommend for every new client.

He specialises in treating the individual (not the problem) who may have bodily symptoms, imbalances and dysfunctions.
Diseases are the results of underlying causes, dysregulation, trauma that disturbs the body’s ability to maintain balance.

Traditional medicine treats the diseases with medication, and surgery, this is often not effective when treating chronic problems. Damien deals with the underlying issues, and can particularly help with chronic problems, like Gut problems, hormonal, fatigue and pain, and as a result can help stop the disease occurring.

Damien’s approach:

No stone unturned – Health investigation
– Comprehensive health history
– physical exam including ART to help determine the priority of testing and treatment.
– Advanced lab testing
– personal consultation

Treatment consists of –
– Natural agents
– Nutrition and lifestyle changes
– Expert team of complementary therapist.
– Education to empower you to take responsibility for your own health and increase the chance of long term success.

Decrease in symptoms
renewed sense of well being, health and vitality.

Book a 15 min free consult so we can tailor a package suited for you specifically including your budget.

Pay per consultation/interpretation £ 80 per hour*
Comprehensive blood chemistry £60 (+ blood draw)
HTMA (hair analysis) £60
Metabolic Typing test and program £100
ART testing £230

All other test costs available on request.

*Please ask if you need a reduced rate.

Ongoing Consultations and Support

1 month ongoing consultations (for whole month) £120 or £30 per week
3 month support package including 3 one hour consultations £450
6 month support package including 6 one hour consultations £800

All programs are reviewed monthly, and retesting is done once every 2 or 3 months. Average minimum program length is 3 months.

  • Comprehensive Functional Blood TestComprehensive Functional Blood Test
    can reveal significant markers for health or disease in a variety of systems in the body and this may lead to further investigation if anything significant arises from testing.
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  • Corrective Holistic Exercise KinesiologyCorrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology
    The CHEK system is multidisciplinary; therefore, it prioritises your personal programme according to your financial and time commitments to address the areas that will give you the greatest long-term reward.
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  • COVID Antibody and T cell testingCOVID Antibody and T cell testing
    COVID Antibody and T cell testing available in Cambridge can reveal an individuals immunity status.
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  • Customised NutritionCustomised  Nutrition
    looks at your metabolic type in order to increase energy and mental clarity, relieve cravings & hunger between meals, provide improved digestion & immunity, excellence in athletics, a decrease in fatigue, anxiety & even depression. Ideal weight can be achieved without a struggle and you can prevent and reverse many degenerative conditions.
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  • Functional Health CareFunctional Health Care
    assesses your current health and wellbeing and the practitioner can advise you on the various options available. Your assessment will be thorough and in depth and look at your health, diet, lifestyle, posture, fitness, happiness and coping abilities.
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  • Integrated Gastro-Intestinal ClinicIntegrated Gastro-Intestinal Clinic
    gut and stomach issues are often difficult to treat with traditional medicine especially chronic problems, so we practice functional medicine. This is a science based natural way to become healthy again. We specialise in treating the individual (not the problem) who may have bodily symptoms, imbalances and dysfunctions.
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  • KinesiologyKinesiology
    is quick, gentle and non-invasive form of therapy and will help you discover how your body is feeling about the life you are living. By bringing your attention to how your body is responding it makes it easier to know what is right for you.
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  • Mediator Release Food Sensitivity TestingMediator Release Food Sensitivity Testing
    If you haven’t considered food sensitivity as a cause of your symptoms, then you may spend many years unwell, spending money on treatments that won’t work.
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  • Nutrition & Lifestyle ConsultationsNutrition & Lifestyle Consultations
    A qualified nutritionist can offer advice for you as a unique individual in accordance with your lifestyle, budget and goals and aspirations for your health and well-being.
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