Scenar Therapy

SCENAR Therapy– Short for Self-Controlled Energy Neuro Adaptive Regulator, is an electrotherapy developed in Russia for use by cosmonauts to treat themselves for many conditions and is used in the UK for pain management.

It is a gentle treatment that can be used to treat all acute and chronic pain conditions including:

Back pain


Sports injuries

Knee pain

Shoulder pain

Headaches and Migraines


Post-operative pain


SCENAR can be used to complement other treatments, but is most effective when a course of treatments over several weeks is completed.

A course of treatments will start with 3 sessions close together (ideally over the course of a week). After these initial treatments the therapist will assess your response to the treatment and discuss with you whether further treatment is appropriate. Weekly treatments are recommended to complete the course. Between 7 and 15 treatments may be necessary depending on the condition being treated and the length of time that the condition has existed. For long term chronic conditions, the therapist may recommend a second course of treatments for maximum effect.

Therapists who provide Scenar Therapy  at The Therapy Room Cambridge

Julia Terry