Throat & Thyroid Disorders Treatment Cambridge

Throat disorders can involve the mouth and the back of the throat area, including the pharynx. Disorders may include cancers, structural abnormalities, fungal disease, infections and inflammation, coughing.  This is also where the all-important regulator of your metabolism sits, the Thyroid and parathyroid glands, dysfunctions of which include hyperthyroidism (over active thyroid) and hypothyroidism (under active thyroid).

In psychotherapeutic understanding, your Throat sits in the neck which is a two way bridge between your mind and your body. It can become inflamed or feel blocked if you are unable to express yourself, your emotions, your wishes and desires, or you can lose your voice if you feel unable to manifest your dreams or feel powerless in a situation. It can also be about what you are having difficulty taking in – literally what you can swallow –  something getting stuck in your throat or craw, stressful situations and grief.

We have therapists who can provide support for the physical and psychological aspects of throat issues. Sometimes both avenues of treatment are appropriate simultaneously to get to the underlying causes of your throat problems. Thyroid problems especially can benefit from a dietary approach, based on an understanding of the endocrine system, adrenals and food allergies, as well as emotional support for bringing something unexpressed into being.

Therapies for Help with Throat disorders (Oral pharyngeal)

  • Endobiogenic MedicineEndobiogenic Medicine
    Herbal & Endobiogenic Medicine is a system of medicine that considers the endocrine system to be the true manager of the body.
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  • Functional Health CareFunctional Health Care
    assesses your current health and wellbeing and the practitioner can advise you on the various options available. Your assessment will be thorough and in depth and look at your health, diet, lifestyle, posture, fitness, happiness and coping abilities.
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