COVID Antibody and T cell testing

All new T cell test available now: First test to identify T Lymphocyte immune response to COVID-19.

We are offering T Lymphocyte (T cell) testing to determine previously undetected lymphocyte immune responses to COVID-19 infection or vaccination.

Hitherto, the only test available to assess whether an individual has produced an immune response to COVID-19 was based on the presence of antibodies, which we also offer. The new T-SPOT®.COVID Test enables individuals themselves to discover whether they have mounted a T cell immune response to COVID-19, as opposed to an antibody response, which is the other way that the immune system deals with COVID-19 viral infection. The T-SPOT®.COVID Test looks for evidence of the immune response to COVID-19. The aim is to answer the question: have I been exposed to COVID-19 and produced an immune response? The T cell test is CE marked and registered for use in the UK.

Please note: The T cell test was developed for use and has been validated on venous blood samples (blood taken from a vein by a medical professional). Producing T cells takes time after initial contact with virus: testing should be undertaken 10 days or more following symptom onset.

T-Spot COVID test £120

COVID antibody test £45

Blood draw at The clinic is an additional £40.

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Therapists who provide COVID immunity testing at The Therapy Room Cambridge

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