Integrated Autism Therapy Clinic

Autism Spectrum Conditions are characterised by a number of core difficulties in:

  • social communication
  • social interaction
  • social imagination
  • sensory perception and integration
  • rigid and inflexible cognitive style

Autism can be characterised by inappropriate social behaviour, anxiety, rejection, isolation/withdrawal and depression.  It can prove very difficult to enter into, and maintain, positive social relationships. There may be sensory integration difficulties, manifested by hyper-sensitivity or hypo-sensitivity to various stimuli – sound, light, colour, movement, touch, smell, etc.  Balance and depth perception can be difficult for some. Ritualistic and repetitive behaviours are common.

The Autism Spectrum can be sub-divided into classic autism, high-functioning autism, and Asperger Syndrome. There are two main diagnostic classification lists in use around the world.  The DSM-IV is in use in the USA (classification as listed by the American Psychiatric Association).  Much of the rest of the world, including the UK, make more use of ICD-10 (World Health Organisation).

Here at The Therapy Room we aim to treat the person, not the condition. Some people with Autistic Spectrum Conditions have great ability in limited areas.  For example, the autistic population includes gifted artists, musicians, mathematicians, computer technicians etc.  Many are able to work (some may need support).

Useful therapeutic support includes play therapy, psychotherapy, aromatherapy, reflexology, homeopathy, communication therapy and social skills coaching.  Some individuals benefit from intensive therapies on a 1:1 basis.

People with Asperger Syndrome and high-functioning autism may additionally benefit from treatment around anxiety, depression, cognitive restructuring, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy.

Here at The Therapy Room we aim to be able to assist with all the areas around the autism spectrum. We can provide advice on diagnosis, assessment, finding the most appropriate therapeutic intervention, diet and nutrition, and bio-chemical involvement.  We can support emotional development and behaviour management; we can provide life coaching; and we can offer therapeutic help with anxiety, depression, anger etc.  It is recognised that the presence of autism in a family can create wider stress, and thus we can provide support and advice to all family members. To initiate a treatment plan, please book an appointment with our Integrated Autism Treatment Consultant – David Moat.

Therapists who provide Integrated Autism Consultations at The Therapy Room Cambridge