Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology

Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology (CHEK) practitioners identify the signs and symptoms of disorders that may impede successful rehabilitation from pain or illness and then they work with a network of appropriate professionals to attain a solution.

Through an understanding of how bodily control systems integrate to affect  long-term physical, emotional and psychological elements, the CHEK practitioner can more efficiently and effectively isolate the area(s) that each individual needs coaching in.

After a comprehensive personal assessment of structural, movement skills, diet and lifestyle factors, a customized program is developed for each individual. The CHEK system is multidisciplinary; therefore, it prioritises your personal programme according to your financial and time commitments to address the areas that will give you the greatest long-term reward.

Practitioners are schooled in the use of coaching models for successful rehabilitation. The traditional medical treatment model focuses on the alleviation of a person’s pain and the finding of a treatment to fix the spot that hurts. Whereas, CHEK practitioners empower the individual with the knowledge that the problem for which they seek a solution belongs to them and that they must take responsibility in achieving the goals set by them and the practitioner in order to achieve full recovery.

Some of the things a CHEK practitioner can help with:

· Backache or joint pain
· High performance conditioning
· Diet and lifestyle coaching; Alcoholism, Diabetes
· Weight loss & Obesity
· Digestive issues
· Chronic fatigue
· Core stability
· Postural correction
· Stretching
· Breathing
· Allergies and intolerances
· Integrated (holistic) health assessments


Therapists who provide Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology at The Therapy Room Cambridge

  • Damien ClementsDamien Clements
    is an Integrated Health practitioner who specialises in investigating the root cause of problems and finding natural solutions for good health.
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