Endometriosis Treatment Cambridge

Endometriosis is a fairly common condition in which cells that usually line the womb are found elsewhere in the body. It affects approximately 2 million women in the UK, most of which are diagnosed between the ages of 25 and 40. Endometriosis can occur in several places in the body but most commonly occurs in the fallopian tubes, ovaries, bladder, bowel, the intestines, vagina and the rectum.

Normally, before a period, the lining of the womb (the endometrium) thickens in order to receive a fertilised egg. When pregnancy does not happen, this lining breaks down and bleeds leaving the body as menstrual blood. Endometrial tissue anywhere in the body will go through the same process of thickening and bleeding in line with the menstrual cycle, but it has no way of leaving the body. The endometrial tissue is therefore ‘trapped’, which leads to pain, swelling and bleeding wherever the tissue is.

The most common symptom of endometriosis is pain or discomfort in the area where it thickens and bleeds, although some women have few or no symptoms at all.


Therapies for Help with Endometriosis

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  • Functional Health Care Functional Health Care assesses your current health and wellbeing and the practitioner can advise you on the various options available. Your assessment will be thorough and in depth and look at your health, diet, lifestyle, posture, fitness, happiness and coping abilities. ... read more
  • Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis as a tool for helping people to achieve greater levels of confidence, better health and increased emotional stability. It is especially recommended for anyone interested in increasing their self-awareness. ... read more
  • Kinesiology Kinesiology is quick, gentle and non-invasive form of therapy and will help you discover how your body is feeling about the life you are living. By bringing your attention to how your body is responding it makes it easier to know what is right for you. ... read more
  • Reflexology Reflexology is particularly beneficial for the treatment of stress related problems that have become physical such as irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, muscular and joint pain and any other condition that is not responding to conventional treatment. ... read more
  • Western Herbal Medicine Western Herbal Medicine is a particularly good approach for chronic conditions and ill health that is ill-defined by general practice, as we step back and take time to really investigate how the whole body interacts and impacts on symptoms ... read more