Rheumatism Treatment Cambridge


Therapies for Help with Rheumatism

  • Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy can enable the body to release areas of restriction in its own way and at its own pace restoring natural rhythms. ... read more
  • CKT Chirokinetic Therapy ckt-chirokinetic-therapy-cambridge-complementary-health-the-therapy-room assists with correcting imbalances and redirecting energy to depleted areas. It has been shown to be particularly good at dealing with allergies ... read more
  • Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology corrective-holistic-exercise-kinesiology-cambridge-treatment-the-therapy-room-complementary-health The CHEK system is multidisciplinary; therefore, it prioritises your personal programme according to your financial and time commitments to address the areas that will give you the greatest long-term reward. ... read more
  • Functional Health Care functional-health-care-assessment-cambridge-the-therapy-room-complementary-health assesses your current health and wellbeing and the practitioner can advise you on the various options available. Your assessment will be thorough and in depth and look at your health, diet, lifestyle, posture, fitness, happiness and coping abilities. ... read more
  • McTimoney Chiropractic mctimoney-chiropractic-chiropractor-treatment-cambridge-the-therapy-room-complementary-health If you suffer with pain in the back, shoulders, neck or general pain, discomfort or stiffness in the joints then you should consider McTimoney Chiropractic treatment. It is suitable for almost everyone including babies, children, pregnant women (except in the first trimester), the elderly, and adults of all ages. ... read more
  • Osteopathy osteopathy-osteopath-treatment-cambridge-the-therapy-room-complementary-health focuses on the health and well-being of the musculo-skeletal system. Techniques range from the extremely gentle pressure of cranial osteopathy to high velocity thrusts to mobilize certain joints. ... read more